Inverse streamer corona discharge for dry disinfection of textile floor coverings with electrode pile

IGF 21108 N

The aim of the research project was the dry disinfection and deodorization of textile floor coverings by means of inverse streamer corona discharge.

For this purpose, functional models of textile floor coverings with 3D electrodes made of conductive threads (electrode pile) integrated in the base and wear layer were developed, as well as a functional model of a cleaning device for generating streamer corona discharges that is adapted to such floor coverings.

For the development of the cleaning device, a high voltage source and an electrode of suitable geometry as well as a supply and exhaust air system were integrated into a customary brush vacuum cleaner. As before, dirt is removed by brush vacuuming in a single operation.

Furthermore, suitable electrode and process parameters (e.g. voltage and frequency of the alternating voltage, electrode geometry and distance) for efficient dry germ reduction and deodorization of textile floor coverings with electrode pile were researched.

This ensures that germ reduction and deodorization of the textile floor covering were achieved through the entire wear layer down to the base layer by means of an inverse streamer corona discharge.

With the developed corona brush vacuum cleaner under optimized process conditions, germ reduction as well as odour and stain removal without damaging the textile floor covering were reached.

The achieved germ reduction is limited by the limitation of the applied effective power due to textile damage.

However, since the developed method is to be applied during regular daily maintenance cleaning, it can be assumed that the repeated application of the corona discharge will sufficiently remove the microorganisms.

Both manufacturers of textile floor coverings and cleaning service providers will benefit from the project results, as an innovative process for dry germ reduction and deodorization of textile floor coverings with electrode pile was developed as part of daily maintenance cleaning, which will improve their economic situation.

Since this process, in contrast to the full-surface disinfection of commercially available textile floor coverings within the scope of intermediate and basic cleaning, does not impair the operation of the facility operator through long drying times, high acceptance and demand can be expected.

The research report is available on request from FRT.

The IGF-pro­ject 21108 N of the re­search as­so­ci­a­tion Europäische Forschungs­ge­mein­schaft Reini­gungs- und Hy­gien­etech­nolo­gie e.V., Cam­pus Ficht­en­hain 11, 47807 Krefeld, was sup­port­ed with­in the fund­ing pro­gram „In­dus­trielle Gemein­schafts­forschung und -en­twick­lung (IGF)“ by the Fed­er­al Min­istry of Eco­nom­ic Af­fairs and Cli­mate Ac­tion due to a de­ci­sion of the Ger­man Par­lia­ment.