Task Groups & Standardization

In the fol­low­ing sev­er­al work­ing groups are men­tioned, in which FRT-mem­bers de­vel­op clean­ing and main­te­nance rec­om­men­da­tions for hard sur­faces. In ad­di­tion fu­ture re­search needs are dis­cussed by these work­ing groups.

Fur­ther­more the pro­ject ad­vi­so­ry boards for AiF-re­search pro­jects are list­ed.

Project advisory boards

IGF 22255 N

Soil release coating for textile floor coverings based on dirigated functional nanocellulose

IGF 21946 N

Biodegradation of specially designed polyacrylates adapted to the enzymology of environmental organisms and their exemplary application in care dispersions for resilient floor coverings

IGF 21939 N

Catch-sweep fluorescence indicator for continuous monitoring of the microbial status of wipe dispensing systems

IGF 21936 N

At site quantification of fibrin residues on medical instruments

IGF 21876 N

Magnetosensitive care filming for resilient floor coverings for automated, process-integrated determination of filming quality

IGF 21831 N

Process-induced release of peptide mimetics to ensure sustainable hygiene of elastic floorings

IGF 21829 N

Bioimpedimetric monitoring of disinfection processes using polarizable membrane models

IGF 281 EN

Evaluation of disinfection performance in catalytic UVA treatment of weakly microbially contaminated waters

IGF 21537 N

Stimulus-amphiphilic surfactant systems for cleaning textile floor coverings

IGF 21453 N

Immobilizable Scorpion primers for the detection of viral pathogens

IGF 21357 N

Artificial intelligence for determining the slip resistance class of installed resilient floor coverings

IGF 21338 N

Dynamically cross-linked maintenance filming for resilient floor coverings

IGF 21239 N

Quasi liquid coating systems based on trifunctional polymers for the generation of oil and water repellent surfaces

IGF 21108 N

Inverse streamer corona discharge for dry disinfection of textile floor coverings with electrode pile

IGF 21043 N

Fluorescence quantification of bacterial endospores using aptazyme pairs and molecular beacons

working groups

Laun­der­ing & treat­ment of clean­ing tex­tiles

Clean­ing and main­te­nance rec­om­men­da­tions elas­tic floor­ings

Min­er­al floor­ings

Clean­ing and main­te­nance of wood, par­quet and lam­i­nate floor­ings

Clean­ing and main­te­nance of sports, gyms and mul­ti-pur­pose halls

Clean­ing and main­te­nance of stone and ce­ram­ics

Clean­ing and main­te­nance of wood­en floor­ings, dance halls

Clean­ing and main­te­nance of san­i­tary fit­tings

Elas­tic floor­ings

Elas­tic floor­ings with spe­cial elec­tro­stat­ic prop­er­ties



NA 062-08-82 AA

Test Methods for Slippage on Floorings

VDI 2083-14

Clean room technology – chemical contaminations (AMC/SMC)

VDI 2083-18

Clean room technology – biocontamination

ZH 1/571, BGR 181

The Industrial Workers’ Safety Insurance Association Building-Trade, Expert Group “Floorings and Stairs”