The importance of cleaning and hygiene technology is continuously growing in many fields. Accordingly the research projects and working groups of the European Cleaning and Hygiene Technology Research Association (FRT) cover also an increasing variety of topics. The work of FRT is determined by an area of tension: increasing requirements for functionality, residual amounts and hygiene on the one hand and economic restrictions as well as the necessity of saving resources on the other hand.

Research Focus Areas

  • Fundamental physical and chemical
  • Optimisation of process means
  • Increase of process reliability (quality assurance, prevention of damages)
  • Detergency and hygienic
  • Requirements for surfaces (i.e. cleanability)
  • Interrelations between measured values and application properties
  • Development of practical quick methods
  • Compilation of quality characteristics
  • Selection and/or development of suitable measuring systems
  • Substitution of polluting systems by those that are less polluting
  • Reduction of water, energy, chemical consumption of cleaning processes
  • Reduction of the pollution of waste water and exhaust air
  • Prolongation of the lifetime of materials by optimising cleaning processes
  • Development of criteria for environmentally uncritical processes and products
  • Product and process criteria for quality assurance
  • Development of concepts for quality assurance
  • Interrelations between materials and cleaning

Research Projects

Industrial Collective Research for SMEs: Continuous access to new knowledge
The AiF’s core activity is the so called Industrial Collective Research ("Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung", IGF). Collective research is a mechanism enabling businesses to solve shared problems through shared projects. This kind of pre-competitive research closes the gap between basic research and industrial application. The results are available for everyone interested and the basis for individual adaptations within enterprises.

in progress

IGF 22990 N

Dielectrophoretic filters for particle separation and their exemplary application for the removal of microplastics from wastewater produced in the cleaning industry

IGF 22794 N

Thermosolubilizable hydrophobic systems based on renewable raw materials

IGF 22785 N

Bioinspired polyurethane coatings and their application on resilient floor coverings

IGF 22784 BG

Hydrochromic surfactant systems for the control of surface wetting in cleaning and disinfection processes

IGF 22255 N

Soil release coating for textile floor coverings based on dirigated functional nanocellulose

IGF 21957 N

Acousto-mechanical cleaning of textile floor coverings based on metallic helix yarns

IGF 21946 N

Biodegradation of specially designed polyacrylates adapted to the enzymology of environmental organisms and their exemplary application in care dispersions for resilient floor coverings

IGF 21939 N

Catch-sweep fluorescence indicator for continuous monitoring of the microbial status of wipe dispensing systems

IGF 21936 N

At site quantification of fibrin residues on medical instruments

IGF 21831 N

Process-induced release of peptide mimetics to ensure sustainable hygiene of elastic floorings

IGF 21829 N

Bioimpedimetric monitoring of disinfection processes using polarizable membrane models

IGF 21453 N

Immobilizable Scorpion primers for the detection of viral pathogens


IGF 21876 N

Magnetosensitive care filming for resilient floor coverings for automated, process-integrated determination of filming quality

Short report

IGF 281 EN

Evaluation of disinfection performance of catalytic UVA treatment of weakly microbial contaminated waters

Short report

IGF 21537 N

Stimulus-amphiphilic surfactant systems for cleaning textile floor coverings

Short report

IGF 21357 N

Artificial intelligence for determining the slip-resistance class of laid elastic floor covering

Short report

IGF 21338 N

Dynamically cross-linked maintenance filming for resilient floor coverings

Short report

IGF 21239 N

Quasi liquid coating systems based on trifunctional polymers for the generation of oil and water-repellent surfaces

Short report

IGF 21186 N

Convergence amplification and fluoroswitch detection for the determination of hygiene-relevant ESKAPE pathogens

Short report

IGF 21108 N

Inverse streamer corona discharge for dry disinfection of textile floor coverings with electrode pile

Short report

IGF 21043 N

Fluorescence quantification of bacterial endospores using aptazyme pairs and molecular beacons

Short report

IGF 20900 N

Duplex amplification method for in situ rapid detection of hygiene-relevant germs on flexible endoscopes

Short report

IGF 20899 BG

Temperature connective polyurethane coating for elastic floorings

Short report

IGF 20833 N

Electronic performance indicator for commercial dishwashers

Short report

IGF 20831 N

Piezoelectric MRSA detection under coupling of photoinduced acoustic waves

Short report

IGF 20829 N

Plasma-active care coating based on intumescent cross-linking agents for the plasma-based dry decoating of elastic floorings

Short report

IGF 20734 N

pH-sociated care coating for elastic floorings

Short report

IGF 20697 N

Magnetostrictive Snap Sensitizing sensor for monitoring microbiological water quality

Short report

IGF 20504 N

Care coatings from liquid membrane separated complementary phase dispersions

Short report

IGF 20437 N

Disinfection and deodorization of textile floor coverings with plasma-activated water vapour during daily maintenance cleaning

Short report

IGF 20304 N

MRSA detection based on up-conversion glassfibres

Short report

IGF 20214 N

Magneto-spumar particles for residue-free cleaning of textile floor coverings

Short report

IGF 20153 N

Self-regenerating, fluorine-free, hydrophobic and oleophobic finishing of textile materials based on self-opening micelles

Short report

IGF 19998 N

Monitoring of microbiological water quality by detection of microbial indicator enzymes using a bioelectric flow cell

Short report

IGF 19949 N

Shock wave based cleaning method for wet barefoot areas

Short report

IGF 19864 N

Test system for the evaluation of wettability and surface cleanliness

Short report

IGF 19852 N

Enzyme Janus particle indicator for controlling the hygiene status of surfaces

Short report

IGF 19849 N

Real-time hygiene monitors based on stimulus-sensitive liposomes

Short report

IGF 19847 N

Stimuli-connective surfactant systems for residue-free local soil removal from textile materials

Short report

IGF 19702 N

Catalytic Aptazym reporter systems for fungal spore detection

Short report

IGF 19624 N

Energy-efficient air dehumidification based on light sensitive hydrogels

Short report

IGF 19288 N

Disinfection of safety shoes by plasma activated water vapour

Short report

IGF 19241 N

Nano valve nanoparticles for photoacoustic determination of hygiene status on surfaces

Short report

IGF 19152 N

Photoacoustic monitoring of coating quality of elastic floorings

Short report

IGF 19147 N

Development of a continuous hygiene monitoring system for air-conditioning systems which cumulatively records microbial air pollution by ion jelly detectors

Short report

IGF 18996 N

Light-induced coating and decoating of elastic floorings

Short report

IGF 18893 N

Enzymatic comparative test for glutaraldehyde residues on flexible endoscopes

Short report

IGF 18892 N

Need-based foun­tain so­lu­tion preser­va­tion with en­zy­mat­i­cal­ly ac­ti­vat­able an­timi­cro­bial sys­tems for pre­ven­tion of bio­foul­ing in off­set print­ing

Short report

IGF 18792 N

Parameter-related process control of disinfection in commercial dishwashers based on functionalized vesicles

Short report

IGF 18607 N

Fa­cade clean­ing based on seg­re­gat­ing gel net­works

Short report

IGF 18539 N

Renewable floorcare coatings for elastic floorings based on counterionic polymeric adsorber systems

Short report

IGF 18467 N

Biochemical synchronous determination of hygienically relevant microorganisms and total germ count on surfaces

Short report

IGF 18300 N

Optochemical care coatings for controlling of surface wetting in cleaning and disinfection processes

Short report

IGF 18177 N

Re­new­able an­timi­cro­bial pep­tide primer sys­tems en­sur­ing sus­tain­able hy­giene of elas­tic floor­ing in the health­care sec­tor

Short report

IGF 18035 BG

Dry de­coat­ing of re­silient floor­ings with non-ther­mal at­mo­spher­ic pres­sure plas­mas

Short report

IGF 17952 N

De­vel­op­ment of a wa­ter­based clean­ing pro­cess for print­ing ma­chine hous­ings

Short report

IGF 17922 N

Pro­cess con­trol of sur­face dis­in­fec­tion based on func­tion­al­ized pro­te­oli­po­somes

Short report


De­vel­op­ment of a novel low-tem­per­a­ture ster­il­iza­tion pro­ce­dure using su­per­crit­i­cal car­bon diox­ide and of com­pat­i­ble nanocom­pos­ites for med­i­cal de­vices

Short report

IGF 17775 N

De­vel­op­ment of ther­mal­ly switch­able dos­ing sys­tems for a LAMP-rapid de­tec­tion of MRSA

Short report

IGF 17664 N

De­vel­op­ment of a bio­cat­alyt­ic color in­di­ca­tor sys­tem for pro­cess con­trol of dis­in­fec­tion in com­mer­cial dish­wash­ers

Short report

IGF 17402 N

De­vel­op­ment of a pro­cess for im­prov­ing clean­ing and hy­giene of tex­tile floor cov­er­ings based on car­bon diox­ide clathrates

Short report

IGF 17327 N

De­vel­op­ment of a pro­cess for in­dus­tri­al parts clean­ing based on shock waves and ionic liq­uids in dense phase car­bon diox­ide

Short report

IGF 17096 N

De­vel­op­ment of lu­mi­nes­cent floor­care coat­ings with in­te­grat­ed func­tion­al­iza­tion for the rapid de­ter­mi­na­tion of the coat­ing qual­i­ty

Short report

IGF 16932 N

De­vel­op­ment of a sim­ple and quick pro­cess for rou­tine eval­u­a­tion of clean­ing and dis­in­fect­ing per­for­mance when re­pro­cess­ing ther­mo­la­bile med­i­cal de­vices

Short report

IGF 16887 N

De­vel­op­ment of re­new­able soil re­lease coat­ings for heat-in­su­lat­ing fa­cade ma­te­ri­als based on in­ter­pen­e­trat­ing poly­mer net­works

Short report

IGF 16834 N

De­vel­op­ment of re­new­able im­per­me­able poly­mer­ic coat­ings for elas­tic floor­ings with bar­ri­er func­tion against per­me­ative soil com­po­nents

Short report

IGF 16556 N

De­vel­op­ment of re­new­able and slip re­sis­tant care coat­ings for ce­ram­ic floor­ings in wa­ter-load­ed bare­foot areas as well as of a mo­bile sys­tem for the de­ter­mi­na­tion of the slip re­sis­tance

Short report

IGF 16490 N

De­vel­op­ment of a rapid method for pro­cess con­trol of sur­face dis­in­fec­tion based on en­zy­mat­ic de­tec­tion of ap­athogens

Short report

IGF 16259 N

Mo­bile sys­tem for im­prov­ing the clean­ing prop­er­ties of elas­tic floor­ings by func­tion­al­i­sa­tion with low tem­per­a­ture at­mo­spher­ic plas­ma

Short report

IGF 16241 BG

De­vel­op­ment of a self con­fin­ing laser pro­cess for the re­moval of tem­po­rary floor care prod­ucts

Short report


De­vel­op­ment of ap­pro­pri­ate fast meth­ods for clean­ing ser­vice en­ter­pris­es to an­a­lyze clean­li­ness and hy­giene in clean­rooms

Short report


New hy­giene ser­vices in med­i­cal de­vice clean­ing and re­pro­cess­ing by the use ofliq­uid car­bon diox­ide and ex­tremophile en­zymes

Short report

IGF 15911 N

Clean­ing pro­cess based on thixotrop­ic soil-re­lease gels for the re­moval strong­ly ad­he­sive in­dus­tri­al soil­ings

Short report

IGF 15910 N

De­vel­op­ment of a dis­in­fect­ing CO2 clean­ing pro­cess for safe­ty shoes from hy­giene de­mand­ing areas with re­gard to pro­tec­tive prop­er­ties of per­son­al pro­tec­tive equip­ment (PPE)

Short report

IGF 276 ZN

De­vel­op­ment of im­proved sam­pling meth­ods for the eval­u­a­tion of clean­ing and dis­in­fect­ing mea­sures with­in self con­trol sys­tems in hy­gien­i­cal­ly de­mand­ing areas (with IUTA/DIL)

Short report

IGF 15469 N

De­vel­op­ment of a val­i­dat­ed, residue-free and mo­bile dis­in­fec­tion pro­cess for sur­faces in hy­gien­i­cal­ly de­mand­ing clean rooms based on cold at­mo­spher­ic plas­mas

Short report

IGF 15272 N

De­vel­op­ment of care pro­cess­es for con­duc­tive floor­ings

Short report

IGF 15271 N

De­vel­op­ment of a mo­bile plas­ma clean­ing method for fa­cades

Short report

IGF 15110 N

De­vel­op­ment of a pro­cess for the tem­po­rary coat­ing of elas­tic floor­ings based on mod­i­fied pho­to­cat­alyt­ic metal ox­ides for im­prov­ing the sus­tain­abil­i­ty of clean­ing and dis­in­fec­tion

Short report

Leonar­do da Vin­ci project DE/07/LLP-LdV/TOI/147065

Mod­i­fi­ca­tion and trans­fer of the re­sults of the Leonar­do da Vin­ci-Pro­ject D/03/B/F/PP-146 082 on the ed­u­ca­tion and train­ing of clean­ing ser­vice providers in the field of the ap­pro­pri­ate ap­pli­ca­tion of the Eu­ro­pean Di­rec­tive No. 852/2004 on food hy­giene

Short report

IGF 14974 N

De­vel­op­ment of a PCR based high-speed method for proof and doc­u­men­ta­tion of a re­quire­ment-fair sur­face clean­ing and dis­in­fec­tion in ac­cor­dance with the new RKI guide­line

Short report

AiF 14619 N

De­vel­op­ment of a Mo­bile Sys­tem for the De­ter­mi­na­tion of the Slip Re­sis­tance on Floors under Op­er­at­ing Con­di­tions in order to Op­ti­mize the Clean­ing and Care Meth­ods Ac­cord­ing to the New BGR 181

Short report

AiF 187 ZBG

De­vel­op­ment of an ef­fec­tive and eco­nom­i­cal laser­clean­ing pro­cess to re­move tem­po­rary floor care prod­ucts

Short report

AiF 14374 N

De­vel­op­ment of a dis­in­fect­ing car­bon diox­ide clean­ing pro­cess for sen­si­tive ma­te­ri­als using shoes for hy­gien­i­cal­ly de­mand­ing fields as an ex­am­ple and of a com­mer­cial­ly re­pro­cess­able model of a work shoe

Short report

IN­TER­REG IIIA-Pro­jekt 2-rmn-II-2=39

New busi­ness op­por­tu­ni­ties in ”Hy­giene for Health”

Short report

AiF 14194 N

De­vel­op­ment of Safe, Val­i­dat­ed and Eco­nom­i­cal Clean­ing Pro­cess Based on Op­ti­mised Wip­ing Pro­cess­es in Com­bi­na­tion with the Ap­pli­ca­tion of Car­bon Diox­ide Snow for Sur­faces in Clean Rooms

Short report

AiF 14143 N

De­vel­op­ment of an ice-blast clean­ing pro­cess for heav­i­ly soiled hard sur­faces in in­dus­tri­al, com­mer­cial and pub­lic areas

Short report

AiF 99 ZN

De­vel­op­ment of a Method to Bind in Cy­to­tox­i­cs and Other High­ly Ef­fec­tive Drugs Phys­i­cal­ly with the Aid of Gels and Foams for the De­con­tam­i­na­tion and Sam­pling of Sur­faces (in Co­op­er­a­tion with the VEU, Duis­burg)

Short report

AiF 13711 N

De­vel­op­ment of a clean­ing method for the safe and eco­nom­i­cal re­moval of high­ly ef­fec­tive drugs on sur­faces in hos­pi­tals using cy­to­tox­i­cs as an ex­am­ple

Short report

AiF 13464 N

De­vel­op­ment of an Ef­fec­tive and Eco­nom­i­cal Car­bon Diox­ide Snow Clean­ing Pro­cess for Heav­i­ly Soiled Sur­faces in Com­mer­cial and In­dus­tri­al Areas in Order to Im­prove the Prof­itabil­i­ty of Small and Medi­um Sized Build­ing Clean­ing Ser­vices

Short report

AiF 13132 N

De­ter­mi­na­tion of Re­al­tion­ships Be­tween Ma­chine Pa­ram­e­ters on the one Hand and Clean­ing Qual­i­ty and Per­for­mance per Time Unit on the other Hand for Elas­tic Floors – Basis for an Ap­pro­pri­ate De­ter­mi­na­tion of the Clean­ing Tech­nique for a Given Clean­ing Task

Short report

AiF 15 ZN

Op­ti­mi­sa­tion of Clean­ing Pro­cess­es for Med­i­cal In­stru­ments Used in Min­i­mal­ly In­va­sive Surgery (MIS)

Short report

AiF 12346 N

Op­ti­mi­sa­tion of the Clean­ing Ser­vice of Floor Clean­ing En­ter­pris­es with Re­gard to Life Time of Floor­ings – Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and Op­ti­mi­sa­tion of the Wear Prop­er­ties of Film Lay­ers and Re­silient Floor­ings

Short report

AiF 11754 N

Op­ti­mis­ing Floor Care Pro­cess­es to Re­duce Slip Re­sis­tance Prob­lems of Floor­ings – De­vel­op­ment of a Rea­son­able Slip­page Test Method

Short report

AiF 11753 N

Im­prove­ment of the Care Prop­er­ties of Non-Po­lar Floor­ings Con­sist­ing of Poly­ole­fines

Short report

AiF 11067 N

De­vel­op­ment of a Waste Water Free and Ma­te­ri­al Sav­ing Method to Re­move Poly­mer and Wax Coat­ings from Floor Cov­er­ings

Short report

AiF 10254 N

Op­ti­mi­sa­tion in Me­chan­i­cal Pol­ish­ing and Spray Buff­ing of Re­silient Floor Cov­er­ings with Re­gard to High-Speed Tech­niques

Short report

AiF 10001 N

Re­search on the Clean­ing Abil­i­ty of Re­silient Floor Cov­er­ings Through the Char­ac­ter­i­sa­tion of the Sur­face Prop­er­ties to Fa­cil­i­tate the Se­lec­tion of Op­ti­mal Clean­ing and Main­te­nance Meth­ods

Short report