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European Cleaning and
Hygiene Technology Research Association

Who is FRT?

Research Association

The European Cleaning and Hygiene Technology Research Association (FRT) was incorporated in 1991 by renowned enterprises and registered in the association roll of the Krefeld commercial court; it is an accepted non-profit organisation. As a member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen „Otto von Guericke“ e.V. (Association of Industrial Research Organisations, AiF), it has access to pre-competitive research programmes and funding for small and medium sized enterprises which is financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs.

Our goal

Economic Development

FRT is a network of the affiliated professional organisations and companies in the field of cleaning and hygiene. It plans and evaluates projects of common interest and tries to find ways how to finance them. It organises an implementation relevant to industrial interests and the fast and effective transfer of the achieved results into practise. Its scope hereby is to maximise the financing from public funds, which is offered for pre-competitive research and development especially for small and medium enterprises.

FRT shall initiate research projects of its members' common interest, give help in transferring the results into the individual companies and thereby find answers for the growing demands of the ecological and quality assurance discussion in the field of cleaning and care of hard surfaces. The research organisation is funded by the subscriptions of its members.


Research Determination

The members determine the research programme and the individual research projects according to their priorities and the economical importance by their elected research advisory board. They assign the work to be done according to their interests.

Advantages of a Membership

  • Members determine the topics of FRT-research.
  • Members can discuss and solve problems in the area of cleaning, maintenance and hygiene of hard surfaces in working groups.
  • Members can initiate diploma theses.
  • Members can obtain answers from experts.
  • Members can obtain continuous information about the research projects in progress due to participation in the work and can use these information directly.
  • Members get assistance in transferring research results.
  • Members are informed on a regular basis by "FRT-Information" about progress in research work, new cognitions in other sectors, new international literature, further developments and changes in the legal situation.
  • Members are offered assistance in solving technical problems (process technology, environmental aspects), in the application process for public funds, in discussions with the government or local authorities.
  • Members improve their prospects for the future by collaborating in the FRT work in the field of standardisation, determination of regulations and contribution to legislation.

Research Projects

in progress

IGF 22990 N

Dielectrophoretic filters for particle separation and their exemplary application for the removal of microplastics from wastewater produced in the cleaning industry

in progress

IGF 22794 N

Thermosolubilizable hydrophobic systems based on renewable raw materials

in progress

IGF 22785 N

Bioinspired polyurethane coatings and their application on resilient floor coverings

in progress

IGF 22784 BG

Hydrochromic surfactant systems for the control of surface wetting in cleaning and disinfection processes

in progress

IGF 22255 N

Soil release coating for textile floor coverings based on dirigated functional nanocellulose

in progress

IGF 21957 N

Acousto-mechanical cleaning of textile floor coverings based on metallic helix yarns

in progress

IGF 21946 N

Biodegradation of specially designed polyacrylates adapted to the enzymology of environmental organisms and their exemplary application in care dispersions for resilient floor coverings

in progress

IGF 21939 N

Catch-sweep fluorescence indicator for continuous monitoring of the microbial status of wipe dispensing systems

in progress

IGF 21936 N

At site quantification of fibrin residues on medical instruments

in progress

IGF 21831 N

Process-induced release of peptide mimetics to ensure sustainable hygiene of elastic floorings


IGF 21876 N

Magnetosensitive care filming for resilient floor coverings for automated, process-integrated determination of filming quality


IGF 281 EN

Evaluation of disinfection performance of catalytic UVA treatment of weakly microbial contaminated waters



IGF 21537 N

Stimulus-amphiphilic surfactant systems for cleaning textile floor coverings



IGF 21357 N

Artificial intelligence for determining the slip-resistance class of laid elastic floor covering



IGF 21338 N

Dynamically cross-linked maintenance filming for resilient floor coverings



IGF 21239 N

Quasi liquid coating systems based on trifunctional polymers for the generation of oil and water-repellent surfaces



IGF 21186 N

Convergence amplification and fluoroswitch detection for the determination of hygiene-relevant ESKAPE pathogens



IGF 21108 N

Inverse streamer corona discharge for dry disinfection of textile floor coverings with electrode pile



IGF 21043 N

Fluorescence quantification of bacterial endospores using aptazyme pairs and molecular beacons



IGF 20900 N

Duplex amplification method for in situ rapid detection of hygiene-relevant germs on flexible endoscopes


Task Groups & Standardization


Laun­der­ing & treat­ment of clean­ing tex­tiles

Clean­ing and main­te­nance rec­om­men­da­tions elas­tic floor­ings

Min­er­al floor­ings

Clean­ing and main­te­nance of wood, par­quet and lam­i­nate floor­ings

Clean­ing and main­te­nance of sports, gyms and mul­ti-pur­pose halls

Clean­ing and main­te­nance of stone and ce­ram­ics

Clean­ing and main­te­nance of wood­en floor­ings, dance halls

Clean­ing and main­te­nance of san­i­tary fit­tings

Elas­tic floor­ings

Project advisory boards